‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theories: Who Will Die In Episode 8? Sneak-Peek Video Teases More Bloodshed

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Things are heating up on Season 6 of “American Horror Story.” Participants in Sidney’s faux reality show “Return to Roanoke” are dropping like flies, and it seems it won’t be long before viewers learn who the one and only survivor will be.
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The latest TV Box to hit the market is the Beelink i68. It is an Android 5.1 TV box powered by Rockchip’s hottest 64-bit SoC, the RK3368. The box is garnering a lot of attention because of it
The craze for multi-functional devices among generation next remains unabated. Manufacturers of electronic devices are focusing on developing many such unique products to catch the attention of cus
Excelvan CL720D is a portable LED Projector with slot for digital TV Slot. This advanced device is a projector that allows you and your family and friends to enjoy your favorite programs on a large
The earliest human-chimp ancestor -- the first pre-human species -- originated in the Mediterranean, not Africa, say researchers at the University of Toronto.
Researchers from Newcastle University warn VR porn could lead to unrealistic expectations, or could even have more extreme effects, by allowing some to delve into violent scenarios.
Georgia Tech has identified an attack, called cloak and dagger, which lets hackers combine certain features used in mapping and chat to takeover your Android phone.
Hacker Kim Dotcom is saying that he knew murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich – and Rich gave the political party's trove of emails to Wikileaks.
Former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed last year and there’s a popular conspiracy theory that he was slayed to cover up the truth about how WikiLeaks garnered tens of thous
The NBA Finals showdown many had anticipated since the summer of 2016 is inching closer to reality, as the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are just three combined wins away from mee
Cyber criminals in Russia targeted domestic bank customers with malware designed to infect Android devices, and were planning to expand the attack to European leaders before being arrested, Reuters
The new exhibit at the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg, Canada, includes a touring collection of twenty dinosaur skeletons and robots, up to more than 60 feet (18 meters) in length.
A restaurant in Washington, D.C., decided to incorporate current events directly into its drink menu with a cocktail named after disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. Diet Starts Monday, an experimental res
Rachel Lindsay is going to get her happily ever after on this season of “The Bachelorette” but last viewers saw her, she was getting a tearful boot from “Bachelor” star Nick Viall. Ahead of Rachel’s
For years, Katie Bush, owner of the Louisville, Kentucky-based branding and marketing firm KBD, would fly to the Silicon Valley area every other week to meet with her tech sector-based clients—and gre
The 3.3 million-year-old fossil skeleton from an early human relative was discovered in Dikika, Ethiopia in 2000 and is the most complete spinal column of any early human relative.
President Donald Trump began his two-day visit to Israel Monday during the first overseas trip of his presidency. He touched down in Tel Aviv without a snare, though the trip over may have been anoth
Sightings of Brood X 'straggler' cicadas this spring have been reported from Maryland to Tennessee, with as many as 1,000 spotted in the span of just two days, experts say.
A new study from the University of Yamanashi in Japan has found that it is possible to preserve sperm for space travel, opening up new possibilities for human trips to Mars and beyond.
Researchers from Cambridge University say scientists such as Brian Cox (pictured) are not rated as highly as other researchers with similar abilities due to their good looks.
Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, found sick people are rated less attractive than their healthy counterparts - even if they don't carry visible signs of disease (stock
Although tests did find slightly increased DNA damage, compared with freeze-dried earth sperm, the space version did the job when it came to fertilizing eggs.
From Harvard’s student body to global Internet users, Facebook has grown into the world’s leading social networking service. But has it gotten too big for its britches? Its confidential rulebook on se
The new Surface Pro could be announced Tuesday at Microsoft’s press event Shanghai, a tweet by Panos Panay, the company’s vice president of devices, suggests. The tweet, posted late Sunday, shows fou
A self-proclaimed neo-Nazi was arrested in Florida Sunday after police found materials used to manufacture explosives in his apartment. The case was directly related to a double murder that occurred
A pair of astronauts will venture outside the International Space Station for an emergency space walk. According to Reuters, astronauts will replace a failed computer, one of two that control major U.
Mark Zuckerberg gave a very political answer to convince people he doesn’t want to become a politician. Ryan Sartor (@ryansartor) has that story.             
It is a stunning scene – the sun setting over what Steve Jobs had called ‘the best office building in the world’. The latest flyover video of Apple Park shows how massive the spaceship has become.
Seemingly left for dead after maybe the most embarrassing playoff loss the league has ever seen, the Boston Celtics aren’t quite done yet. They improbably have a chance to tie up the Eastern Conferen
Facebook’s policies for what users can and can’t post are available online, billed as “community standards” and users are expected to abide by these standards. They serve as public guidelines for how
A new leak reveals where Apple could reposition the iPhone 8's Touch ID. A PowerPoint slide suggests it will be on the back, just below the Apple logo, and about the third of the way down the phone.
A Boston company is suing Apple and Visa, alleging Apple Pay violated its patents, the New York Times reported. Universal Secure Registry alleges the company and founder Kenneth Weiss "was the first
She’s a successful recording artist already worth millions, but Katy Perry has found a way to increase her impressive net worth even further. The singer has reportedly inked a deal with ABC to judge
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian automakers will this week urge the government to lower a proposed sales tax on hybrid vehicles, as they fear the planned rate could make development of the technology unvi
Blizzard has just announced the Overwatch Contenders, a league for the best Overwatch players looking to become the next rising esports star. Are you a Masters or higher level Overwatch player look
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian cyber criminals used malware planted on Android mobile devices to steal from domestic bank customers and were planning to target European lenders before their arrest, invest
Astronauts aboard international space station will replace a data relay box that failed May 20, 2017.             
Known as Switchblades, they are  'miniature flying lethal missiles' that feature inbuilt GPS and even object recognition cameras to ensure they hit their targets.

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